Payment Process


Best Payment System

Efficient and secure sales information management

- Perfect for efficient revenue management
-Manage all payments in one place at a time.
-Able to check real-time sales and process information

Global currency payment is available

For online sites entering the global market, the service is provided to all customers around the world (Visa, Master, JCB, etc.) to make payments in their own currencies.

Active support for overseas expansion

- Operators who are planning to do global business
the progress of cross-border contracts for
- Enabling customers to expand their business with rich transaction results and accumulated know-how

Reactive Payment UI

- Provides interface payment screen that utilizes touch screen functions of smartphones such as IOS and Android
- Optimize smartphone payment for convenience and quick payment, improve purchasing power, and improve convenience.

Managing Risk

- Risk prevention for safe overseas transactions
Applying System (Austreme)
- Complies with PCI DSS
- QSA monitoring for detecting and compiling illegal transactions
. Transaction time
. Illegal transaction details
. Identify buyer's location
. Constant monitoring of merchant transactions

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